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Reduce Your Dementia Caregiver Stress

Learn how to end battling with your loved one with dementia and spend more of life cherishing valuable time and memories

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Empowering Caregivers for Compassionate Dementia Care

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a journey that demands understanding, patience, and resilience. The Confident Caregiver Academy is your comprehensive guide to navigating this path with assuredness and compassion. Developed by Dr. Camille Sinclair, this interactive course equips caregivers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to provide exceptional care while prioritizing their well-being.

Our curriculum integrates evidence-backed methodologies, research insights, and real-world scenarios to deepen comprehension and elevate the caregiving experience.

Showing compassion and caring for a dementia patient

Course Participants Gain an Essential Roadmap to Invaluable Dementia Insights

What to Expect at Every Stage

Reduce anxiety for you and your loved one by better understanding the journey ahead.

Learn Actionable Strategies

Learn the causes behind challenging behaviors and essential caregiving skills needed to face future difficulties with exceptional confidence.



Embrace a support network of carers providing comfort, empathy, and reassurance as you better care for your loved one and yourself.

How to Find and Use Critical Resources

These often go untapped (because most carers don't know about them).

Become a Confident Caregiver

By the end of the Confident Caregiver Academy carers will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to provide compassionate care, enhance the quality of life for their loved ones with dementia, and effectively support themselves and their families.

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Your Expert Guide and Advocate


Meet the compassionate force behind The Confident Caregiver Academy: Dementia Care Consultation, Dr. Camille Sinclair. With an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of caregivers and their loved ones, Dr. Sinclair stands as the beacon of expertise and empathy in the realm of dementia care.

Dr. Sinclair: Confident Caregiver Academy Guide

A Wealth of Expertise: Dr. Sinclair holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Health and Neuropsychology, positioning her as a renowned authority in the field of dementia care. Her journey spans over 15 years, during which she has been a guiding light for numerous individuals navigating the complexities of caregiving.

A Heartfelt Mission: As a staunch advocate for caregivers and those affected by dementia, Dr. Sinclair's approach is grounded in compassion, research, and pragmatic solutions. Her goal is clear: to empower caregivers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to provide exceptional care, enrich the quality of life for those they love, and safeguard their own well-being. 

Your Partner on the Journey: Join Dr. Sinclair in this transformative journey as she equips caregivers with practical insights that have a profound impact. Her wealth of experience, combined with her genuine care and commitment, makes her not just an instructor, but a partner on the road to confident caregiving.

Empower Yourself with Dr. Sinclair: By enrolling in The Confident Caregiver Academy, you're not just accessing a course; you're gaining a trusted ally in your caregiving journey. Let Dr. Camille Sinclair guide you through the maze of dementia care, offering you the wisdom and tools you need to make each day a bit brighter.

Virtual, Interactive and Group Support 

The course consists of a series of interactive lectures, case demonstrations, group discussions, role-playing scenarios, and practical exercises to facilitate a deeper understanding of dementia caregiving. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, receive personalized feedback, and collaborate with fellow caregivers throughout the course. 

This professional service is provided virtually. It is not therapy. And therefore, is available to carers (individuals or a family group) in the United States and abroad!

Showing compassion and caring for a dementia patient

Who Should Join the Confident Caregiver Academy?

Family Caregivers

If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, this course will empower you with the insights and tools needed for effective and compassionate caregiving.

Professional Caregivers

If you're in the field of private home care, our course enhances your expertise, allowing you to provide optimal care to your clients.

Confident Caregiver Academy Module Overview: Building Confidence with Every Step

Dr. Heather Glubo

Director of Behavioral Medicine, AICT

Dr. Sinclair genuinely cares about her patients and their well-being. Following a dementia diagnosis, I have referred families to her practice countless times for guidance and skills training. 

Dr. Sinclair possesses a remarkable combination of knowledge, expertise, and compassion that sets her trainings apart from the rest. Take advantage of her skillset. You're lucky to have her!

Dr. Meghan Beier

Health and Rehabilitation Psychologist

I have confidently referred my patients to Dr. Sinclair for years! Her invaluable expertise in elder and dementia care has been a lifeline for our patients and their families.

Caregiving is stressful and can take a significant toll. Dr. Sinclair's unwavering commitment to her clients' health and well-being, even as they navigate caring for a loved one, makes her a true asset.

"This course helped to pull me out of the cycle of constant arguing with my mother. I am better able to decipher her behaviors and quickly de-escalate. I couldn't have done this without Dr. Sinclair's help!" -Jacqueline G.



Learn the Effective Strategies to More Calmly Take Care of Your Loved one with Dementia AND Yourself

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